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bloblitz limited edition plush (handmade)

bloblitz limited edition plush (handmade)

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Available until the 26th July or until 50 Bloblitz are sold! 

From the depths of the ocean, say hello to Bloblitz! New face, new body and new softer fabric!

These Bloblitz are handmade to order (let’s reduce waste!) This means each Bloblitz will have slight differences and personality. Your Bloblitz will be a one of a kind for you!


You can choose to have your Bloblitz happy or grumpy! Please select when ordering.


Each Bloblitz comes with a certificate, care for card and matching sticker.


This Bloblitz is filled with polyester stuffing and non-toxic beads. They are made of short plush crystal super soft fabric, they are very soft!


Due to each Bloblitz being handmade to order please allow 1-2 weeks for dispatch.


If ordering outside of the UK your order will be sent tracked and may take 2-3 weeks to arrive depending on where you are in the world and may be subject to customs charges.

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