what are giblitz? 
giblitz are a handmade collection of plush toys. started in 2022 and run by Danyall Hills, each giblitz has been created and made to bring joy to their adoptees.
where is giblitz based?
giblitz is based in the UK. Brighton to be precise. 
can i suggest a future design?
of course! please send an email through the contact page, i love to hear what designs you want giblified. i’ll make sure to credit you on the listing if your idea is chosen. please note i may already have your idea in my future plans so please don’t get upset if it’s already in the works. 
where is my order? 
Due to the nature of shipping orders can take up to a month to arrive if ordering outside of the UK. international orders are always sent tracked to help avoid your order getting lost. please note that if you are ordering outside of the UK there may be additional custom charges which are out of my control.
can I return my giblitz order?
unless stated otherwise (for example the mystery adoption listing) i am happy to accept returns. however the return shipping costs must be covered by the buyer. 
please feel free to send any orher questions to giblitzplush@gmail.com and i will add them here!