a timeline of the giblitz' time on earth 

it is said that giblitz arrived on earth in 2022 after crash landing from the planet gibbleton. once on earth they found old photos of party clowns and this is where they got their unique look from. giblitz have a marvellous way of adapting and evolving into different objects, this helps them camouflage.

the first giblitz to land on earth were the OG giblitz 


they travelled to earth looking like this


they loved their first christmas time on earth so they adapted into deerblitz 


one giblitz went for a swim and came across an axolotl 


the most popular of their camouflages was pumplitz


the reproduction of giblitz goes as follows







mega giblitz 


giblitz wanted to better themselves, to become something more powerful with more opportunities to evolve and so 

the next generation was born!


they hope you love the next gen and are excited to live with you and go wherever you go.