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7. this giblitz book and mini giblitz

7. this giblitz book and mini giblitz

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Discover a world of wonder with the Giblitz! Join these lovable creatures on their adventures as they explore their habitat and learn to appreciate each other's unique qualities. With whimsical illustrations and a heartwarming message, this book celebrates the beauty of diversity and encourages young readers to embrace what makes them special. Perfect for children who love to discover new things and appreciate the magic of friendship, this book is sure to become a treasured addition to any library.

Each book will come with a Miniblitz plushie to match the Giblitz in the book. The perfect plushie to fit in your hand and pocket! 

Miniblitz is made from a fleece material and filled with polyester filling and non-toxic beads. Each one is handmade and there may be slight differences with each one. 

Miniblitz will also come with an adoption certificate for you to name and fill out. 

'This Giblitz' Book is also available on it's own on Amazon: 

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